Steps of Faith

A Worship Setting from “Shout It Out – Youth Sunday 2” Resource Manual

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Worship Setting: Steps of FAITH


Suggested Songs: Songs are available on two CDs from Cross the Sky.

  • Shout It Out: Lord I Lift Your Name, I Believe in Jesus, Psalm 25, Cry of My Heart
  • Youth Sunday: Lord Fill My Life, These Hands, Reach Out, Required, Shine

Ideas & Suggestions:

  • Foot Washing: Do a foot washing during the worship service if possible. Use basins of water and towels to wash everyone’s feet. Have some youth sing special music during the foot washing.
  • Trust Falls: Use some trust falls as a way to prepare your youth group for this worship service. Write your own skit based on your favorite trust fall. Perform the trust fall during the worship service or as a children’s message.
  • Follow the Leader: Write your own skit using the game “Follow the Leader” as the main premise. Play “Follow the Leader” with kids during a children’s message. Make a connection between the skit and Jesus words “follow me.”
  • Tennis Shoes: Use a large pair of tennis shoes for a children’s message. Have a little kid try to put them on and walk. We can’t “fill” Jesus’ big shoes. How then? Have a big teen put the shoes on and instruct the little kid to stand on the big teen’s feet. They walk together like Jesus walks with us each day. We walk in his steps – by faith in Christ.
  • Imagery: Use imagery in your worship service – feet, shoes, sandals, path, walking stick.
  • Scripture Potpourri: Have your youth group members read these scripture verses up front or scattered throughout the sanctuary: Isaiah 2:5, Psalm 23:4, Micah 6:8, Romans 6:4, 2 Corinthians 5:7, Galatians 5:25, Ephesian 4:1-2, Ephesians 5:1-2, Ephesians 2:8-10.
  • Psalm 23: Several Psalms provide excellent scripture passages that have to do with walking by faith in God who leads us through all of life’s up and downs. This or another Psalm could be used as a part of worship, made into a skit, or pantomimed to a reading.

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