null Cross the Sky is a group of creative people of faith who collaborate to publish new music, drama, and worship resources for youth ministry. Our focus is on God’s grace and the call of Christ to live faithful, loving, sacrificial lives in today’s world. We hope you find the site encouraging, useful and refreshing.

null Music that’s easy to learn and sing. Songs that are spirit-filled and scriptural.

null Skits that are fun, faith-filled, and support real church ministries all year long.

null Resources designed for youth-led worship, plus music, skits and creative ideas.

null Mime dramas designed for special youth events at church or on mission trips.

null Order CDs, songbooks, worship resources, skit books, worship settings.

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Our latest album of music for youth ministry

Water from the Rock
Water from the Rock includes 12 original songs about faith in Jesus Christ.

The music supports a mime drama about Peter and the disciples as they seek to follow Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. The drama is based on 12 original songs written by the friends of Cross the Sky Ministries. A director’s booklet for the drama is also available.

Music samples are available here on our website and on many other streaming websites such as Spotify and iTunes. (Search for Cross the Sky Ministry)

You can order a CD from our website. Go to the Water from a Rock page for more information about this project.
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Youth Sunday

Youth Sunday

It’s a set of our 25 most popular songs for youth worship. The music also supports the “Youth Sunday” resource book with seven worship services for youth to lead in church. Includes skits, songs, worship settings, and lots of creative ideas.

Song Samples
These songs are a good sample of the music from Cross the Sky. Listen or click on a song title to see lyrics and more information. We hope you enjoy the music! …more info

How Great
Lord Fill My Life
Mighty Lord
We Gather

Drama resource for youth and family ministry

Skits With A Message
Skits With A Message includes 52 skits for youth ministry.

There are skits for every season of the church year; Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost, and Thanksgiving, plus many more. Each skit includes scripture texts, a brief message, discussion questions, and a prayer.
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