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Cross the Sky Ministry has published three unique mime dramas designed for Christian youth groups and drama teams to present in church, on a mission trip, or as an outreach ministry to their home communities. Each mime drama comes complete with a DVD of the entire drama, an audio CD of supporting music for all the scenes, and a director’s booklet containing scene descriptions, liner notes, song lyrics, and ideas for make-up, costumes, face painting, lighting and props.

3 Mime Dramas
For more information about each of our mime dramas click on the titles below.

SHINE is a mime drama that tells the story of Jesus’ life, his ministry, passion, death and resurrection. The mime drama is ideal for a drama ministry team and is designed for the Lenten Season or as an Easter event. Youth groups can present the drama in church, on a mission trip, or as a community outreach. The service is based on 15 songs from the River of Mercy CD which provides a complete musical backdrop for the scenes. A DVD of the drama is also available to help jump start your production time.

The Way of the Heart
It’s a story about following God’s heart and walking in the way of Christ. The mime drama is supported by 15 songs from the Way of the Heart CD that tell the story of God’s love in a powerful, dramatic way. The music, video, and director’s booklet are all designed to put this new mime drama easily within reach of a drama team or even a group of youth who have never done any mime ministry before.

Step Into the Light
Our third mime drama is a story about the struggle between light and darkness. It’s a call to shine for Christ and live out our faith in a world full of darkness. The music calls us to live faithfully and to be a personal witness to those around us. We hope our mime dramas will breathe new life into your church’s ministry.


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