What Can I Do For You?

This skit emphasizes how Jesus gave anything and everything he had to meet the needs of the people around him. We are called to follow his example and reach out to those in need around us. Servanthood takes on new meaning when it involves people outside your comfort zone.

Characters: The giving person, Group of friends (3 – 4 people), Strangers who walk by

Setup: The giving person has items with him that will be given away.

The Skit: A group of friends enter talking to each other. They huddle together like a very close clique. The giving person walks by and asks them for directions, but they ignore him. When he asks again, one member of the group responds harshly, “We don’t know! Why don’t you try the yellow pages or something!” The giving person moves to one side and waits.

One by one, different strangers walk by. Each stranger stops at the group of friends to ask them for something. The group ignores their requests, makes excuses, and sends them off with rude and insensitive remarks. Each stranger then walks over to the giving person who always gives them exactly what they need. When the strangers receive their request they thank the giving person and exit. Each time, as the giving person gives something away he acquires the other persons condition. For example: When he helps the cold person, he begins to shiver while the other person walks away warmed.

The strangers’ conditions are listed below.

1. The first stranger is cold (shivering). She needs a coat or shirt to warm himself.
2. The second stranger is sad (sobbing). He needs a hug to cheer him up.
3. The third stranger is sick (sneezing). She needs some medication to get well.
4. The fourth stranger is dying (gasping). He needs someone to save his life.

When the fourth stranger asks the giving person to save his life, the giving person forms a cross with his outstretched arms. He drops his head as the stranger walks away completely healed. The group of friends watch as the fourth person is healed. They are awestruck. The group goes over to the giving person and kneels down as if praying for forgiveness. When they look up, the giving person comes to life again. He hugs each of them. The whole group stands in a line to face the audience. They hold out their arms toward the audience and say, “What can I do for you?”

The End

Biblical Emphasis: Matthew 5:38-48, Luke 6:30-38. Jesus met the needs of a hurting world and showed us the way of servanthood.

Discussion Starters:
1. Why is it difficult to listen to the needs of someone who isn’t in our close group of friends?
2. What are the characteristics of a person with a servant heart?
3. Think of someone you could be a servant to. How can you reach out and help that person?

“What Can I Do For You?” Copyright 1998 Cross the Sky Ministries
Permission granted for local use.