The M&Ms Skit

Can other people tell we are totally into Jesus Christ? Or do we keep our faith hidden? Faith is inseparably connected to our actions. It’s more than just head knowledge or saying the words “I believe this or that”. Our faith must be actively lived out and shouted from the rooftops!

Characters: Interviewer, Camera operator, 3 or 4 people who pass by, M&Ms freak

Props & Setup: Most important – a big bag of M&Ms. Add a sign, camera crew, and a microphone as desired. You may need a tarp under the M&Ms freak depending on how freakish he gets.

The Skit: An interviewer with a camera operator is stands in front of a sign that says, “M&Ms are Mmm mmm good!” As people pass by, the interviewer asks if they like M&Ms. They respond as follows:

1. A man says, “No, I hate M&Ms! I hate M&Ms commercials. I hate chocolate…..and I hate you!”

2. A woman shrugs her shoulders, saying “I don’t know and I don’t care either.” When pressed, she asks for some free M&Ms. The interviewer says, “I’m not giving you free M&Ms if you don’t care one way or the other. Can’t you see we’re looking for good material here? Off with you!”

3. A boy says, “I guess so, but I like video games better.” When pressed the boy just stands there with a blank stare on his face, “Video games rock.” He continues to stare straight ahead.

4. A girl says, “They’re okay I guess, but I never eat them.” The interviewer asks, “How do you know that you like M&Ms if you never eat them?!” She says, “I just know!” The interviewer asks her to look into the camera and tell how much she like M&Ms. She stares angrily into the camera and screams, “I like M&Ms! Okay? But I NEVER EAT THEM!” She stomps off angrily.

5. One last person walks up and is asked if he likes M&Ms. He says, “Yes, yes as a matter of fact I love M&Ms.” The interviewer gives him the bag of M&Ms and he goes berserk. He exclaims, “M&Ms! I LOVE M&Ms! They’re my favorite food!” He starts to eat the M&Ms as he raves on, “I eat them for breakfast! I eat them for lunch. I even eat them for a midnight snack!” He starts stuffing M&Ms in his pockets and pouring them down his shirt, “Look what I can do with M&Ms!” He puts them in his ears, up his nose, and in his eyes. M&Ms are flying all over the place, and he begins to pass them out to people in the front row. Finally, with his mouth chock full of M&Ms, he says, “Can you tell I love M&Ms? I love M&Ms!” The interviewer says, “Yes, I think we’ve got enough footage for our commercial. Cut!”

The End

Ideas: After the skit, have the youth pass out M&Ms to the whole congregation as they share the peace. Or just for fun, actually film a video of this skit and show it later to the youth or Sunday school.

Biblical Emphasis: Matthew 5:14-16 We are called to let our faith shine before others like a light. Christ never intended for his followers to go about their lives – unchanged as if nothing ever happened. Christ intends for us to be light bearers, life givers, and world changers.

Discussion Starters:
1. How can other people tell that you are a Christian?
2. How do you keep your faith hidden sometimes?
3. What can you do to be more open about your faith in Christ?
4. How can we as a youth group help each other share our faith more openly?
5. Name one thing you will do to be more open about your faith.
6. Pray for God’s help in staying with this commitment.

“The M&Ms Skit” Copyright 2005 Cross the Sky Ministries
Permission granted for local use.