Step Into the Light

A mime drama about walking by faith in the light of Jesus Christ

Step Into the Light is a mime drama about the light of Christ and God’s call to live faithfully in the midst of darkness. The drama is based on 12 original songs written by the friends of Cross the Sky Ministries. The director’s booklet contains everything you need to know to get up and running including instructions on clowning, makeup, costumes, face painting, lighting, stage setup, all the scenes, and Bible study questions. The mime drama is perfect for a youth group to perform in church, for a family night, or as a special presentation for Sunday School.

Mime ministry is a powerful tool! The final show is the pinnacle of a lot of time and hard work. Putting on a mime drama has the ability to draw your youth group closer together, to open up the lines of communication and cooperation within your congregation, and give your youth a greater sense of accomplishment. We pray it will breathe new life into your church’s ministry.

Songs and Lyrics

Celebrate the Light
A song of celebration, awakening, and prayer to seek the light of God in our lives.

Step Into the Light
Encouragement to step into the light of God as we share our faith with those around us.

City on a Hill
A hymn to remind us who we are in Christ and how together we are the light of the world.

Into the Light
An earnest prayer of seeking and yearning to remain in the holy light of Jesus Christ.


“The mime service was awesome, beyond words, it really touched me and was a huge impact on my week at camp!” – High School Camper

“The mime drama was powerful, beautiful, amazing!” – Audience Member

Available Resources

  • Mime Booklet Director’s manual with scene descriptions, song lyrics, make-up, props, etc.
  • CD: Music for all the scenes
  • DVD: Video of the original mime drama
  • Complete Package: All of the above resources
  • Copyright Use: To make copies of the mime booklet

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Step Into the Light

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