John 14:6

“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father, but through Me.”

The Way

It was a night of troubled fright when he said he was going away. I looked to him in doubt again and asked, “How will we know the way?” He said where he’d go our heart would know and we would follow him someday. And in that time he would design a heavenly home for us to stay.


    He said, “I am the way, the truth, the life,
    Just trust and follow me.
    Let not your heart be troubled,
    You believe in God, believe in me.

And on that day this rule he gave that we would know just what to do. He said to love, just as he loved us, and to love each other too. And as he broke the bread he spoke of how he’d die to set us free. Our guilt and sin he took on Him as holy wine up on that tree.

Now if you don’t know which way to go because the path is dark and dim. Just choose to love and trust above, he is the way just follow him.

  • By Paul Frantsen
    © 2002 Cross the Sky Ministries

More Scripture

John 14:1-6
Romans 11:33-36
John 3:1-21

Personal Reflection

What are your personal -isms and -igions?
What is Christ asking of you? Challenging you?
What is God directing you to do? To say?
Where do you identify as the “more” in your life?
What hinders you from going deeper with the Lord?
What is “the way” that Jesus says you know?

Yes, there’s more!

More – there’s more of Christ, more of God, a deeper, wider, greater fullness of the Spirit of Christ to experience and know. Some people don’t like the word “more” because it conjures up the idea that they are lacking something, they are incomplete, and the notion of something unknown is a bit unsettling, a bit uncomfortable. We like being comfortable. We like playing it safe. It’s easier to settle back into our -isms where all our theology fits together squarely. We’re tired of striving, seeking, listening, and waiting. We don’t like being told to cut back on our soft world of sofas and sodas, of burgers and fries, of movies and entertainment. And we certainly don’t like being told to get up off our behind and take out the trash.

Jesus constantly challenged people to stretch their faith, to seek God at greater depths. To a lost people he cried, “There’s much more than this!” We are lost today. We are lost and we don’t even know it, we don’t see it. How can that be?! We don’t realize we made a wrong turn back there somewhere and now we’re zooming off west on Highway 9 when we think we’re going east! Why do we insist on fooling ourselves, limiting ourselves, tricking ourselves into thinking everything is alright? Why do we stop seeking, stop knocking, stop asking? I think we’ve been talking too much and not spending enough time looking at the map. We’re so preoccupied with our own little lives that we aren’t really keeping an eye on the road anymore.

I think God is calling us to step outside our -igion / -ism boxes. God is calling us to hear the words of Jesus, pure and simple, saying, “We only speak of that which we have seen and heard….you must be born again.” We can’t stop in our theological tracks and try to hold our humanistic religion together any more, it’s falling apart. Jesus calls us to something real and we can’t shy away just because we don’t “get” it or it doesn’t fit our set of denominational or personal belief systems. Jesus is speaking the simple truth, and we don’t want to wrestle with it, so we try to demonize what we don’t understand, and ultimately dismiss it outright. We’re all suspicious of a new idea or a change that might happen in our lives. We don’t want to move, we want to stay put, so we lash out, we back off, we turn and walk away when someone threatens our space, when someone shakes our -isms and suggests that there is more.

There is a fullness of the spirit and the reality of this truth will shake up all the foundations of your life and affect and change all the ways you’ve normally gone about living your life. Keith Green sought such a change when he said, “Whatever it takes to get deeper with the Lord I’m going to do.” If you feel this way too you might want to prepare yourself (repentance) and muster as much strength as you are able (faith in Jesus Christ) because your life will never be the same, you will be born again! More? Oh yes, there’s more! We can’t exhaust the depths of the riches found in Jesus Christ. So press on, keep looking, keep seeking! Commit yourself to Christ, lay yourself into the mighty hands of God, trusting that your heavenly Father will take care of you and give you every good and necessary gift.

Yes, there’s more!