Candlelight Service

A simple idea to enrich and renew the worship life of your youth

Games and activities are a lot of fun to do during retreats and lock-ins, but one thing our youth love to do at every event is make time for a candlelight worship service. It’s a time of spiritual reflection and personal renewal. We don’t do anything fancy, just light some candles and gather around to sing and pray. Occasionally someone shares a verse of scripture or a personal testimony of faith. It seemsto be a safe time and place that opens up the youth to share more deeply and be willing to listen and speak.

Our favorite place for a candlelight worship service is up around the altar in the church. The sanctuary is quiet and dark, except for the lighted scene of the Lord’s supper on the altar and our candles. Songs of praise and prayer echo softly in the huge sanctuary, and we definitely feel the presence of God in these sacred

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