Books on Mime Ministry

If you would like to learn more about the art and history of Christian mime ministry, here are a few good books we recommend. All of the books are available at except where noted.

Mime Ministry – an illustrated guide book for organizing, programming and training a troupe of Christian mimes. By Susie Kelly Toomey.

Creative Clowning – a highly acclaimed resource that includes a wealth of information on the history of clowning, clown character development, make-up, costuming, talents and tricks, marketing, and more. By Bruce Fife and friends.

Clown Ministry Handbook – a nice resource on clown ministry basics with skits for service and worship. By Janet Litherland.

Clown Ministry – an excellent how-to manual with dozens of skits for service and worship. By Floyd Shaffer and Penne Sewall.

Clowning for Christ – an introduction to clown ministry including character development, make-up tips, and writing original clown skits. By Randy Christensen.

Clown Ministry Skits for All Seasons – a resource of good ideas for seasonal related clowning based on the liturgical calendar year. By Floyd Shaffer.

Strutter’s Complete Guide to Clown Make-Up – a great resource with detailed descriptions for the application and removal of clown make-up, including helpful notes and photos for working with the eyes, mouth, nose, wigs, etc. By Jim Roberts.