I Wish

We often treat life and each other in such superficial ways, not realizing or believing that life goes much deeper than what we can see in front of our face. We often go through the day talking about anything and everything, but never sharing our faith with anyone in any way at all. Life is meant to be lived on a spiritual plane and we need to get on it right now.

Characters: Freak Boy, Joey Jock, Candy Lane Jane, the Outsider

Props & Setup: Costumes for the characters are all that is needed, and hairspray for Freak Boy.

The Skit: A group of kids gather after church in the youth room. They goof around, tease each other, act cool, and talk about sports, dating, movies, music, clothes, etc. Their conversation might sound like this: “Yo dude, check out the hair! Yeah, I’m stylin after Poof Dog Ditty, he rocks! Yo, she rocks! Shut up boys, I’m already taken. Yo girl, I saw you flirting with Joey after school. Look at you! When did you go shopping? Did you see that new movie, etc.” Their conversation goes on for awhile on and remains on a clearly superficial level – sports, clothes, movies, etc. After a few minutes, the kids say goodbye, walk a couple of steps, then turn to face the audience.

They stand in a line and, one by one, each person shares what they are really thinking and feeling inside. Their speeches might sound like this:

Freak Boy: “Dude, I wish people could see past my wild outfit and crazy hair and know me for who I really am inside, but nobody seems to be interested in that part of me. They all just expect me to be wild and crazy, and when I’m not, they think something is seriously wrong with me. Dude!”

Joey Jock: “You know, I wish I didn’t have to prove myself out on the field every week and always try to stay cool. Imagine what people would think if I messed up, or broke down, or let my guard down for a second. What would people think if they knew that I didn’t have it all together.”

Candy Lane Jane: “I wish my looks weren’t so important to everyone. It seems like that’s all they see in me. No one ever asks me how I’m really doing or what I’m feeling inside. They only see my body, my clothes, my outward appearance, my looks. There’s a lot more to me than that. If only they knew.”

Outsider: “I wish I could figure these guys out. They’re supposed to be a Christian youth group, but nobody ever talks about their faith in God. Everything else seems to be more important, like sports and clothes, and movies, and dating. I wish someone would talk to me about Jesus, because I really would like to believe in him if someone would just tell me how.”

The end

Biblical Emphasis: Romans 10:8-10 Christ is aching for us to claim him as Lord in our lives, aching for us to share our faith openly, aching to reach others who are near to us. Let’s share our faith.

Discussion Starters:
1. What do you talk or think about most of the time each day?
2. How can you incorporate your faith into your conversations with others?
3. Name one way you will do this in your life.
4. Pray and ask God for help with this commitment.

“I Wish” Copyright 2005 Cross the Sky Ministries
Permission granted for local use.