Danny The Kid

This skit emphasizes how scripture can be a powerful force in doing battle with temptation, wickedness, or a bad cowboy actor with a pop gun.  The power of God’s word plays a key role in this exciting western melodrama. The hero Danny the Kid saves the day as he encounters Bad Image in good old fashioned showdown.

Characters: Danny the Kid, Bad Image, Two Damsels in Distress

Set Up: In addition to western wear you will need a rope, pop-gun, large Bible, tambourine and two boards to slap together. The actors should wear cowboy hats (minimum), but you can really spice up the look with bandannas, cowboy boots, jeans, a white shirt and hat for Danny the Kid, a black shirt and hat for Bad Image, and a pop-gun that really pops. A piano player could add suspense and other moods to the skit as well. Be creative!

The Skit: Two ladies walk to center stage, making conversation. They are talking (possibly in a southern accent) about the weather or perhaps thanking God for the day. For example, “It’s such a pretty day! Oh yes, God must really love us! Oh yes! Oh yes!”

Suddenly, the bowlegged villain “Bad Image” walks up eyeing the ladies. Everything Bad Image does is evil and disgusting in a goofy kind of way. He acts like a spoiled child with a wild look in his eyes. As he strikes up a conversation with the two ladies, he snorts, coughs, and drawls in a gruff, uneducated, western cowboy accent. Suddenly he lunges towards them, laughing crazily as he ties them up with his rope. He wraps the rope loosely around the ladies who offer little resistance. As he does so, Bad Image says things that cast doubts on their relationship with God. For example, “God? God doesn’t love you! He hates you! God can’t save you! Ha ha ha ha! God thinks you’re ugly! God thinks you’re stupid! God doesn’t even care what happens to you.” As he does this, the two ladies scream and cry helplessly. They seem to have no willpower to defend themselves from his verbal assault, nor from the rope that is being wrapped around them as they cling to each other in fear. When done, Bad Image hands them the end of the rope and says, “Here, hold this.”

As Bad Image starts to walk off stage laughing villainously, suddenly a door slams in the back of the room. (This effect is achieved by slapping two boards together.) Everyone turns to see Danny the Kid standing in the back of the room looking somewhat like the Lone Ranger. When the ladies see him they say, “It’s Danny the Kid! He’s our hero!” They both give a huge sigh of relief plus all the nonverbal signs of affection for their hero. Danny the Kid fixes his eyes on Bad Image as he walks slowly up to the front carrying a huge Bible. A tambourine is struck as he takes each slow step. Bad Image, eyeing him with fear and trepidation, begins to tremble as The Kid draws near. Even though Bad Image is obviously terrified, he flashes gruff mean words at the girls, such as, “Pipe down! He can’t save you! You’re still mine! And you’re still ugly!” The two ladies, meanwhile, continue sighing and swooning over their hero. They say things like, “Oh, he’s sooo cute! He’s sooo handsome! He’s sooo brave!” They swoon and bat their eyes at Danny the Kid as he approaches stern faced, eyes fixed on Bad Image.

When Danny the Kid gets to the front, he turns slowly to face Bad Image head on. Bad Image keeps his distance, nervously trembling. In a mean, gruff voice Bad Image says, “Danny the Kid! This town ain’t big enough for the both of us!” Danny the Kid responds in the strait shootin’ voice of a hero, “That’s right Bad Image.” Bad Image appears panicky, afraid and confused all at once. He says, “Well then, what are you gonna do about it?” The Kid says, “I’ve come to rescue these fair damsels in distress from your evil hand Bad Image.” Somewhat baffled by The Kid’s use of such big words as “fair” and “distress” Bad Image trembles violently. He says in a stern voice, “Well then, care to step outside?” Danny the Kid says, “Go ahead! (He flashes a grin at the audience) Make my day!” They face each other for a moment as Bad Image sneers and trembles. Then they both turn away from each other and walk off ten paces.

Once they have turned to face each other again, Danny the Kid says, “Bring it on Bad Image! Bring it on!” Bad Image glances around as if looking for a place to hide. He draws his pop-gun and fires a shot, “Bang! Bang! Bang!” As the shots go off, Danny the Kid blocks each one with his Bible. Bad Image freezes wide-eyed, still trembling slightly. He realizes that he is at the mercy of Danny the Kid. The Kid opens the Bible to Matthew 4:4. He reads loudly and confidently, “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” The Kid looks at Bad Image for a long second, then he slams the Bible shut. Bad Image falls to the floor as if shot. He whines, “I’m melting, I’m melting, I’m…” The life slowly oozes out of his body. (He feigns death, then a few seconds later say, “melting.”)

Danny the Kid turns to free the two damsels in distress who fawn over his every move. As The Kid unwraps the rope he exclaims, “You’re free ladies. You don’t have to worry about Bad Image anymore. God still loves you, (he turns to audience) and I do too! Go and live in freedom! Go and live according to God’s word!” He exits. The two ladies sigh and say, “Danny the Kid! You’re our hero!”
Special Note: The audience can be more involved by assigning a couple people to lift up signs telling the audience to react at key times. For example: “Cheer” for The Kid. “Boo” for the villain. “Aah” for the damsels. This can really spice up the performance.

Biblical Emphasis: Matthew 4:4, Romans 8:1-3, II Corinthians 12:9, Galatians 5:1. We are free in Christ. God’s love is real and it never changes. We can count on God to help us overcome sin, temptation and fear through the power of God’s word.

Discussion Starters:
1.  What kinds of things is Satan trying to get you to believe about yourself? about God?
2.  Why do you think some people insult you and your faith in God?
3.  How should you respond to them?
4.  How can God’s word help us deal with temptation, fear and bad situations?

Special thanks to Dave Beeksma “Beeker the Kid” and the staff at Okoboji Bible Camp who created this skit for the summer of 1986. Their ideas and characters are a major influence for this skit in its present form.

“Danny the Kid” Copyright 1998 Cross the Sky Ministries
Permission granted for local use.