Chosen By God

A down-and-out child of God hears the voice of the Lord and discovers the gifts and talents hidden inside her, not to mention the love and grace of God in her life.

Characters: A group of kids, a kid who is left out, the voice of God

Props & Setup: Volleyball, goofy stories that only God could know.

The Skit: A group of kids gather to play a game of volleyball. They choose two captains. As the captains choose players to be on their teams, the rest of the kids stand in a line and show the obvious signs of wanting to be picked. They display their desire to be picked by holding their hands up, flexing their muscles, spinning or bouncing the volleyball, etc. When it comes down to the last kid, neither captain wants to choose her. They argue about who has to take the kid. Finally they decide to leave her out and start the game without her. The kid tries to join one of the teams, but is forced off the court. Finally, the kid gives up in disgust. The group playing volleyball decides to go play baseball. They run off together.

The kid left behind begins to express her feelings about being left out. She talks to herself sadly about how nobody ever chooses her for anything. Suddenly a thunderclap is heard. God calls to the kid by name saying, “I choose you!” The surprised kid asks, “Who me?” God responds, “Yes, I choose you!” The kid looks around in disbelief, “Who are you?” God identifies himself. When the kid doubts that it is actually God, God recounts a few personal stories about the kid that are humorous and embarrassing. For example: the time the kid fell off the stage during the school play, or the time she got lost at the amusement park, or the time she ate ten candy bars at once and got sick. God says that he was there with the kid watching over her all along the way. Finally the kid is convinced that it really must be God.

The kid asks, “Why did you say that you’ve chosen me? I’ve never been chosen for anything in my life!” God says, “Look at all the gifts and talents I’ve given you! Why would I do that if I hadn’t first chosen you?” The kid responds, “I don’t have any gifts. I’m not even coordinated enough to be chosen for that silly game.” God says, “You have the gift of my creation given for you; the birds, the sky, the warmth of the sun! You have your own personal gifts given for you. I’ve given you the ability to listen to others, to fix things, and to see through a problem clearly. I’ve given you talents in music and a love for animals. You have many other special gifts, but I haven’t even told you about the best gift of all.” The kid asks, “What is that?” God says, “You have the gift of my son, Jesus Christ, given for you. I loved you so much, I gave my only son to die for you so that you might have life. Believe me! You have been chosen!” The kid asks, “What about the others? Are they chosen too?” God says, “Yes, I have chosen them too, but they have not heard or they have not answered.” The person responds, “Well, what have you chosen me for?” God says, “I’ve chosen you to be my friend. Live your life for me, and go tell the others that I love them too. Are you willing to do that?” The kid says, “Sure, I’ll give it a try.” God says, “Don’t worry, I’m always with you.” The kid says, “Okay, thanks God! Let’s go!”

The End

Scripture Emphasis: Ephesians 2:8-9. God has chosen us and blessed us out of pure grace and love, not because of anything we have done. We are called by God to reach out to others in this same way.

Discussion Starters:
1. Share a time in your life when you felt left out. Share how it felt.
2. How can we be more inclusive of others and less exclusive?
3. Think of one way you can reach out to others and pray for strength to do this.

“Chosen By God” Copyright 2005 Cross the Sky Ministries
Permission granted for local use.