Called To Grace

A Celebration of Thanks for God’s All-Embracing Love & Amazing Grace


L: Gather now and celebrate!
C: We celebrate an awesome God who loves us!
L: We have been saved!
C: We have been saved by God’s hand of grace!
Saved by God’s awesome love!

Song: John 3:16


L: Father, Creator, God of the Universe.
We have witnessed your awesome power and amazing grace.
Yet we have challenged your authority, exploited the world you created,
and abused your gifts of new life.

C: Yet you still reach out and call us your children.
Have mercy Lord. Forgive us we pray.

L: Jesus, Messiah, Son of God.
We have heard your call, yet we have wandered from your teaching.
We have taken lightly your ministry, sacrifice and resurrection power.
We have discounted your worth and shut you out of our lives.

C: Yet you still reach out and call us forgiven and clean.
Have mercy Lord. Forgive us we pray.

L: Spirit, Wind, Breath of God.
We have experienced your power, yet we live as if you don’t exist.
We have failed to acknowledge your presence in us making us one.

C: Yet you still reach out and call us the body of Christ.
Have mercy Lord. Forgive us we pray.

L: By grace, God reached out and called us children of Godm
forgiven and clean, the body of Christ. By grace we have been saved.

C: By grace we have been saved!

Song: How Great

The Lessons: Danny The Kid

The Message: The Big Red Box

Song: By Grace

Statement of Faith

L: We believe in God.

C: We believe in God, the author of grace.
Grace to heal, grace to save, grace that is stronger than our sins.
Grace that works mighty deeds, awesome and glorious.
Grace that has remained strong from ages past to present.

L: We believe in Jesus Christ.

C: We believe in Jesus, the heart and hands of grace.
Grace that freely accepts us with love and compassion.
Grace that liberates us by the power of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.
Grace that remains faithful and strong through the good times and the bad.

L: We believe in the Holy Spirit.

C: We believe in the Spirit, the very breath of grace.
Grace that empowers us to stand and work for truth and justice.
Grace that quietly brings healing to our lives, our relationships and our world.

L: We believe in the Church.

C: We believe in the Church and the ministry of grace.
Grace that we have seen and touched in the water and the wine.
Grace that we share daily with our families, friends, neighbors and world.

L: We are called to grace.
C: We are called to grace.

Song: God Is Able

The Prayers

Sharing the Peace

Song: Shout!


L: Go with God! Walk in love! Walk in grace!
C: Thanks be to God!

Copyright 1999 Cross the Sky Music
Music written by Paul Frantsen and Rich Colligan.