Called To Grace

A Sample Worship Setting from the “Youth Sunday” Resource Manual

Follow the links below to see the worship setting, skits, songs and scripture for this service.

Worship Setting: Called To Grace


  • Danny The Kid: Go ahead! Make my day! It’s an old fashioned shootout in this western melodrama!
  • The Big Red Box: It’s big! It’s red! And it’s free! Just exactly what’s inside that big red box anyway?


  • John 3:16 A song based on the most basic truth of God’s love, it’s a fun, energetic, and upbeat song.
  • How Great Thanks for the love of God, the grace of Jesus, and the presence of the Spirit in our lives.
  • By Grace A gentle song of who we are in Christ, and how we’ve been saved by grace through faith.

Worship Setting: Scripture Potpourri: A selection of verses from Ephesians to highlight the message.

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