Called to Grace

A collection of songs about God’s awesome love and amazing grace

Called to Grace

Called to Grace is a collection of 15 original songs of youth worship and praise. You’ll find a variety of styles of music designed for youth-led worship, Sunday school openings, youth choirs, and youth groups. The songs were originally written for a summer Bible camp program, so they are a lot of fun, easy to learn, and lend themselves to lots of actions.

Called to GraceA liturgical worship setting is also available that includes five of songs designed for youth-led worship.

We hope you enjoy this collection of music about God’s awesome love and amazing grace!

Song Samples

How Great
A song about God’s love experienced in the persons of the Trinity; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

By Grace
A worshipful and reverent affirmation of the awesomeness of God’s grace. Based on Ephesians 2:8

John 3:16
Youthful and upbeat, this song is a nice translation of John 3:16 in a fun style that kids love.


“I was moved by your personal stories and the way your music spoke of your relationship with Christ.” – Junior High Youth

“Cross the Sky was the most faith-building, faith-supporting aspect of the weekend for our youth. The stories you told about your lives and the interaction songs were fabulous.” – Adult Chaperon

Resources Available

  • Called to Grace CD: 15 youthful songs of praise and worship
  • Songbook: Includes full piano scores of all the songs
  • Lyric Booklet: Lyrics and guitar chords for all the songs
  • Worship Setting: A liturgy based on five songs from Called to Grace

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Called to Grace

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