Bully Bob

There’s a bully on the playground who’s been picking on Christians, but Little David is having none of it. There’s gonna be a fight, and Little D has a trick up his sleeve!

Characters: Little D, Bully Bob, Groupies

Props & Setup: None required

The Skit: A group of kids run out for recess. They play ball and chase each other around. A big kid, named Bully Bob, enters. He is surrounded by a gang of groupies who agree with everything he says. Bully Bob starts bullying the other kids. He pushes a kid, steals someone’s lunch, and kicks a ball out of the yard. When Bully Bob raises his arms to show off his muscles, the groupies around him almost pass out from the smell coming from underneath his arms. They cover their noses and stagger briefly as their eyes water. Bully Bob sees David, a.k.a. Little D, and starts to taunt him for being a Christian.

Bully Bob: Christians are wimps! Goodie two shoes! Hey Little D! You’re a Christian aren’t you? That makes you a wimp doesn’t it!

Groupies: (nod and agree) Yup, yup, a wimp, Little D’s a wimp!

Little D: (stands his ground) You can’t get away with that and you know it Bully Bob!

Bully Bob: Ooo, big words from the little man! You wanna fight or is it against your religion?

Little D: (trying to hold in his anger) No, no, I’m not going to fight you!

Bully Bob: (taunting) That’s what I thought! You’re chicken! (He starts clucking like a chicken.)

Little D: (finally blows up) Alright, Bully Bob, you’re on! Name the time and place!

Bully Bob: Alright, that’s what I want to hear! Tonight after school, back of the schoolyard, be there or be square!

Little D: You’re on Bully Bob! But lets lay down some ground rules.

Bully Bob: Ok, ok. What kind of wimpy rules do you want to have little D?

Little D: No punching below the waist, and no hitting in the face.

Bully Bob: Fine with me! (He lifts his arms and flexes them) Alright, let’s go! (People start to swagger and pass out from the smell)

Little D: And no lifting your arms above your shoulders.

Bully Bob: Fine! (He lowers his arms, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief.)

The kids separate on the playground. Bully Bob does a series of exercises to get ready for the fight. He does jumping jacks, push ups, and lifts a couple barbells. His groupies cheer him on as they struggle to breathe during his jumping jacks exercise. Meanwhile, Little D goes to the other side of the stage and kneels in prayer. Moments later a school bell rings.

Bully Bob: (yells) Alright Little D! Come on out and fight like a man! (His groupies gather around and cheer him on.)

Little D: (stands up) Okay, Bully Bob! Come and get me!

Bully Bob: (Growls and charges Little D) I’m gonna beat the snot out of you, you little weasely Christian! (As Bully Bob swings wildly, Little D ducks and grabs Bully Bob around the waist in a tight bear hug.) Let go of me you little runt and fight like a man!

Little D: (smiles) No way Bully Bob! I’m not letting go! I love you too much!

Bully Bob: Come on, let go of me!

Little D: Nope, can’t do it! You can hate me all you want, but I’m gonna LOVE you! And there’s nothing you can do to stop me!

Bully Bob: (crying) Let me go! Stop it! Stop it!

Little D: (smiles) And another thing Bully Bob, GOD loves you too! And there’s nothing you can do about that either! Yup, me and God, we LOVE Bully Bob!!

Bully Bob: (crying) Stop it, stop it! You’re hurting me! Stop it! (He begins to cry. Little D lets him go and Bully Bob falls on his knees crying.) Nobody loves me! Everybody hates me! How can you love me anyway, I really stink!?

Little D: (Lays a hand on Bully Bob’s shoulder) It’s easy to hate. It’s a lot harder to love. But that’s what I’m going to do, because that’s what it means to be a Christian. I love you Bully Bob just the way you are, and God does too.

Bully Bob: Thanks Little D! (He raises his arms to give Little D a hug. The groupies back away in fear from the rising stench.)

Little D: Uh, no, no. (He gently pushes Bully Bob’s arms back down.) You’re the one who needs a hug today.

Bully Bob: (Stands up and throws his arm around Little D.) Thanks Little D! Let’s go play ball!

Little D: Uh, what do you say, you go take a shower first.

Bully Bob: Okay, little buddy! (They exit arm in arm.)

The End

Biblical Emphasis:
Jesus calls us to love our enemies and pray for those who mistreat us.
Matthew 5:38-48

Discussion Starters:
1. Share a time when you loved someone who was being mean to you.
2. Share a time when you experienced hate and retaliation in your life. What happened?
3. How can love change a hateful person?
4. How can faith in Jesus Christ change a faithless person?

“Bully Bob” Copyright 2005 Cross the Sky Ministries
From the Skit Central resource book.