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Cross the Sky is a group of friends, writers, and musicians who love to create music, drama, and worship resources for youth ministry.  Our focus is on God's amazing grace and the call of Christ to live faithful, loving, and sacrificial lives in our world today.  We hope you find some of the resources that we have created  useful in your ministry setting.

Cross the Sky Ministries

Feature Article
Empowering Youth
to Lead Worship

     Get youth involved in planning
     and leading worship in your church
     using a 7 step process to create
     a youth-led worship service.

Feature Song: Lord Fill My Life
As recorded on the "Youth Sunday" CD

Lord Fill My Life

Lord fill my life with you alone.
Empty myself of all that's my own.
Lord fill my life with you alone.
Jesus keep my eyes on you.

Help me stand, help me stand for what's right.
Help me walk, help me walk in the light.
Help me run, help me run for the prize.
Jesus keep my eyes on you.
Jesus keep my eyes on you.

"Lord Fill My Life" written by Paul Frantsen
1999 Cross the Sky Ministries

Youth Sunday
CD, songbook, resource

Creative Worship
Ideas for enriching the
worship life of your youth

Candlelight Service

     Games and activities are a lot of fun to do during
     retreats and lock-ins, but one thing our youth love
     to do at every event is make time for a candlelight
     worship service.  It's a time of spiritual reflection
     and personal renewal.  We don't do anything fancy,
     just light some candles and gather around to sing 
     and pray.  Occasionally someone shares a verse of
     scripture or a personal testimony of faith. It seems
     to be a safe time and place that opens up the youth
     to share more deeply and be willing to listen and

     Our favorite place for a candlelight worship
     service is up around the altar in the church. The
     sanctuary is quiet and dark, except for the lighted
     scene of the Lord's supper on the altar and our
     candles. Songs of praise and prayer echo softly in
     the huge sanctuary, and we definitely feel the
     presence of God in these sacred times. 


Drama and Skits
Pajama Jones

Light and dark go toe-to-toe in
this quirky melodra as Pajama Jones saves the day with the light
of God's love.

Justice League
Justice and grace are served
side by side in this fun skit.

Skit Central
101 Christian skits
for youth ministry.
Check out more
sample skits.

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