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Youth Sunday Worship Resources for Youth and Family Ministry

Youth Sunday Materials, Themes, Worship Settings, Songbooks, and Praise Music

Youth Sunday Worship Resources for Christian
Youth and Family Ministry


Empowering Youth
to Lead Worship

Ideas and step-by-step instructions to lead a
successful Youth Sunday service. 
Here's what we
did to encourage youth involvement in the worship
life of our church and bring renewal to our young community of faith.



















Youth Sunday

Seven "Youth Sunday" worship services designed for youth to lead in church

Youth SundayThe Youth Sunday resource book contains 7 services designed for youth to lead in church, on youth retreats, or for special events.  Each worship service contains 2 skits, 4-5 songs from the Youth Sunday CD, contemporary faith statements, confessions, and a sample bulletin with lead sheets for the music. Purchase of the CD and Resource Manual gives you full photocopy rights for the worship settings.

Themes include Called to Grace, Shine for Christ, We're a Family, Surrounded by Prayer, Reach Out, Blessed are the Peacemakers, and River of Mercy. It is a resource designed for youth and family ministry for use throughout the entire church year. 

Available Resources:

1. Youth Sunday Resource Manual:  Includes 7 settings for youth-led worship
2. Youth Sunday CD:  Includes 25 songs to support the resource manual
3. Youth Sunday Songbook:  Includes full piano scores of all 25 songs on the CD
4. Youth Sunday Lyric Booklet:  Lyrics and guitar chords for all the songs

Youth Sunday CDSample Service  Follow this link for a sample Youth Sunday service entitled "Called to Grace." 

The Youth Sunday CD is a collection of Cross the Sky's 25 most popular songs for youth-led worship, taught at Christian camps and youth events across the country.  The CD is an ideal tool for teaching all the songs in the Youth Sunday Resource Manual.  We pray that the music will inspire, convict, renew and rock you.  A companion songbook with full piano scores is also available.

Audio Samples:  To listen to the song samples click on the song titles below. 

Mighty Lord   A fun song of pure celebration and a call to worship God with all your might.
Lord Fill My Life   A cry to be filled with God presence and emptied of our selves, based on Phil. 2:1-8 
Peace Like a River   This fun new version has something the old classic never had - Jesus Christ! 
We Gather   A call to worship focusing us on who we belong to and why we gather to worship. 
By Grace   A tune about being witnesses to the awesome grace of God, based on Ephesians 2:8.

Skit Samples:  To view samples, click the skit titles below.

Danny The Kid Go ahead!  Make my day!  It's an old fashioned shootout in this western melodrama.
The Big Red Box  It's big!  It's red!  And it's free!  What's inside that big red box anyway?  Look and see!
What Can I Do For You?  Take a risk and radically love those around you!   You just might save their life.
Frozen People A call to reach out with God's love to those around us!   Shatter those frozen people!

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Youth Sunday

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