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"Performing Shine
brought our group closer together and gave us a
sense of purpose and community."

Youth Leader


"Last fall I ordered the
Shine package and the
Youth Sunday book from
you for our youth group....I
just wanted to write to let
you know that yesterday
was our Youth Sunday and
it was an amazing event!
It was one of the most
moving Youth Sunday
services we've ever had.   During the "hugging song"
we saw people hugging
and interacting who were passively polite to one
another for years.  By the
end, there wasn't a dry
eye in the place!  You
have touched my kids
more than I can express!
Your work has touched our whole congregation and
we are very grateful and
thank God for His work
through you!"

Youth Minister











A mime drama about Jesus Christ, His life, ministry, and calling on our lives

Shine! is a mime drama designed for Christian youth groups to present in church, on a mission trip, or as a community outreach.  The drama is 50 minutes in length, and is based on 15 songs from the River of Mercy CD, which tells the story of Jesus' message, ministry, death and resurrection. The drama is ideal for a clownShine! ministry team and is designed for the Lenten Season or as an Easter event. The director's booklet has everything you need to get started. It has instructions for the drama, make-up, costumes, face painting, lighting, stage setup, actions for all the scenes, plus Bible study discussion starters. A video of Shine! is also available to jump-start your production time. 

View the slide show at right for scenes from the Shine! drama.

Click here to see make-up designs from Shine!

Available Resources:

1. River of Mercy CD:  Includes 15 songs for the "Shine!" mime drama + 6 more praise songs
2. Shine! Director's Booklet:  Scenes, lyrics, and everything needed to prepare the mime drama
3. Shine! DVD:  Sample service of "Shine!"
4. Copyright Use:  For permission to photocopy the director's booklet

Song Samples:  For samples of music click the song titles below.

Anointed  (Scene 2) Christ calls and claims the disciples, marking each one of them with a symbol of faith.
This signifies how Christ has reached out to each one of us, calling us into fellowship and service.
I Will Follow You  (Scene 3) The disciples follow Christ and copy him, playing a game of follow the leader. 
The lesson learned along the way is to let our lives, our actions, our very breath be a reflection of Christ.
Required  (Scene 4) Christ leads the disciples in a fun line dance, teaching them about the desires of God.
Micah 6:8 "doing justice...loving kindness...walking humbly" are lifted up in this down to earth scene.
Reach Out  (Scene 5) Christ instructs the disciples to share God's love with each other and the audience.
They "sharing of peace" with the audience and encourage them to pass on the sign of God's love.
Shine!  (Scene 12) Christ is lifted up as the light of the world, and lights the candles held by the disciples.
The disciples light candles of the audience in celebration of the light of Christ in the world.
Mighty Lord  (Scene 15) This conclusion to the Shine! drama is a song of celebration of God faithfulness.
The disciples lift up praise to God and encourage the audience to join in the celebration!

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