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"Performing Shine
brought our group closer together and gave us a
sense of purpose and community."

Youth Leader


"The mime drama was
so powerful!  Awesome!"

Audience Member


"Last fall I ordered the
Shine package and the
Youth Sunday book from
you for our youth group....I
just wanted to write to let
you know that yesterday
was our Youth Sunday and
it was an amazing event!
It was one of the most
moving Youth Sunday
services we've ever had.   During the "hugging song"
we saw people hugging
and interacting who were passively polite to one
another for years.  By the
end, there wasn't a dry
eye in the place!  You
have touched my kids
more than I can express!
Your work has touched our whole congregation and
we are very grateful and
thank God for His work
through you!"

Youth Minister


"The mime service was awesome, beyond words,
it really touched me and
was a huge impact on my
week at camp - powerful, beautiful, amazing!"

High School Camper









Scene from "The Way of the Heart"
Cross the Sky Ministry has published three unique mime dramas
designed for Christian youth groups and drama teams to present in
church, on a mission trip, or as an outreach ministry to their home communities. Each mime drama comes complete with a DVD of the
entire drama, an audio CD of supporting music for all the scenes, and
a director's booklet containing scene descriptions, liner notes, song
lyrics, and great ideas for make-up, costumes, face painting, lighting,
and props.  See below for more info...

Mime Ministry Resources
Three unique mime dramas a
vailable from Cross the Sky...

A mime ministry service that tells the story of Jesus' life, ministry, death and resurrection.   The clown / mime service is ideal for a drama ministry team and is designed for the Lenten Season or as an Easter event.  The service is based on 15 songs from the
River of Mercy CD which provides a complete musical backdrop. - MORE INFO
Song Samples:
  Required, Reach Out, I Will Follow You, Lord Fill My Life, Mighty Lord, Shine!

  CD, songbook, worship setting, lyric booklet, mime service  - ORDER 

Way of the HeartThe Way of the Heart
A story about following God's heart and walking in the way of Christ. The mime drama is supported by 15 songs from the Way of the Heart CD that tell the story in a powerful, dramatic way.  The music, video, and direstor's booklet are all designed to put this new mime drama easily within reach of a drama team or even a group of youth who have never done any mime ministry before. - MORE INFO

     Song Samples:
  Change My Heart, Light a Candle,
We Are the Body, The Way
Resources:  CD, director's booklet, video  - ORDER

Step Into the LightStep Into the Light
This mime drama is about the struggle between light and darkness.  It's a call to shine for Christ and live out our faith in a world full of darkness.  The music calls us to live faithfully and to be a personal witness to those around us. 

Song Samples:  Time to Celebrate
, Step Into the Light, City On A Hill, Into the Light
Resources:  CD, director's booklet, video  - ORDER

Helpful Info:  If you are looking for more information on mime ministry here are some helpful links.

Mime Ministry Sites - websites with helpful resources

Resource Books - recommended books on clown ministry

Make-Up Ideas - photos, face painting designs, make-up tips

Lighting - ideas for lighting your production

Theater Supplies:  If you are having difficulty locating clown make-up or just need emergency supplies fast, here are a couple theater supply and lighting stores we recommend.

Center Stage, 420 2nd Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA    Phone: 319-366-1005
     - clown make-up, costumes, accept mail orders

Sound Concepts, Cedar Rapids, IA    Phone: 319-366-7357
     - sound and lighting - sales and rental

Order Info:
For resources from Cross the Sky follow the order form link below and specify which mime drama and type of materials you would like to receive.  You can also order materials online from the individual resource pages.

Director's Booklet  $10
CD for Mime Drama   $15
DVD of Mime Drama  $15

Copyright Use Fee  $25

Send payment and $5.00 postage to:
Cross the Sky Ministries, 309 Tumbleweed Trail, Waverly, IA 50677

Order Form - Click here for an order form.     


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